Things that make a Twentysomething’s life meaningful

Love – Fall. In. Love. Fall gloriously, unapologetically and madly, in love. Find that one girl to gush about, make unrealistic plans for the future, fight, spill your guts, stay up talking/making out/fucking, make mixtapes, write love songs/ poems, hold hands with. It will most probably end in a heartbreak you won’t recover from for the rest of your life and you may never speak to this person whom you thought was your soulmate but hell, it might be worth it.

Music – Surround yourself with easy access to good music at all times. Build up a respectable record collection that will define you and use it wisely to make up a personalized soundtrack of your life. Stuff your hard drive with rare bootlegs and unreleased tracks, watch as many concerts as possible and dance your heart out when moved to wicked beats, slum it in the mosh pit ‘cos when you grow older, the appeal of being hot and sticky among a bunch of strangers with amplified live music will no longer have the same hold over you. DANCE! Even if you have two left feet ‘cos trust me, one day you’ll realize that an older person with two left feet is a lot more embarrassing.

Sex – Enjoy your body. Enjoy other bodies. The cheesiness of John Mayer’s Your Body Is A Wonderland will then feel bearable and somewhat justified. Let’s face it, everything we do or say is so we will eventually get to the same end game. The clothes, the sexy underwear, the tattoos, the hair, the music, the dancing, the falling in love, the alcohol, the drugs – they all lead to sex. Celebrate youthful libido by making it count with warm bodies of people you love or people whose bodies you love. Challenge yourself, take a leap into the unknown and hook up with a hot stranger but DO NOT, ever, stay for breakfast.

Alcohol – Nothing is quite as versatile as the effects of alcohol. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating the end of your best friend’s internship at a lousy firm, mourning the tragic demise of a relationship that has become your newfound happily never after, prowling for new strangers to pick up whose pants you wanna get into or just another Tuesday night that needs to be more inspiring. Pick your poison for your wish to be granted. Get high, get drunk, get laid, get hungover and swear to quit drinking till you find yourself slumped over the toilet (again) at 4am in the morning, on a worknight. Alcohol is the twenty-something’s most articulate way to say viva la vida loudly.