2012: First day on the job

I just had the most extraordinary conversation with a friend today. Sometimes it’s all about keywords that combust with coincidence into beautiful serendipity. Imagine the kind of flow a conversation between two water signs will go when we talk about life, love and all the things that matter. We explored the things that make us who we are, how we define ourselves and where we see or place ourselves in this world over a shisha by the side of the road till about 3am. That was a magical encounter as we found ourselves talking about spirituality, energies, vibes, our hopes and fears. Exposing our weaknesses with no inhibition; an unspoken trust that gave us strength. I love conversations that remind me how we owe it to ourselves to be the best person we can possibly be every day ‘cos everything we say or do will cause a ripple in the cosmic energy of the universe – the big picture – it’s up to us what we want to receive when that wave of energy comes back in our direction. Think good thoughts, want good things and goodness will come to you. I’m inspired, humbled and extremely grateful for this wave of good feeling that’s found resonance with another person and to find how different personal journeys find common ground.

Dear 2012, it’s your first day and you’re doing a fine job at making me happy.