There’s always a part of our hearts where we won’t easily allow others to touch. A friend in Beijing told me this over a phone convo last night. She was saying that it takes a lot of trust (and in my opinion, a lot of guts) for anyone to let someone into that part of their heart.

My heart has been running on empty with chaotic white noise replaying in my head in a decibel that’s highly unbearable for way too long. I’m slowly finding my way back to being the person I was. I think. One thing is for certain though, I’m not letting my emotions get in the way of being who I wanna be. (Yeah, right. Cancerian!) Not gonna be an easy feat but I will try. When the noise of the world fades away at night and all I’m left with are my honest thoughts, that’s when I truly know who I am. Unmasked, unprotected but sound enough.

Still, there are things I’d never say simply ‘cos there’s always a part of my heart where I can’t and won’t allow others to touch or be near. It’s a self-defense mechanism and may come off as being self absorbed – assuming that this is normal female behaviour. Ha!

Anyway, I’m listening to my soul today. Are you?