digital moments

Once upon a time… There was low resolution digital photography. *pause for gasps*

I did a little spring cleaning tonight, packed stuff and threw out an obscene amount of things I wondered why I’ve kept all these years. Some passing the regrettable decade mark which puts me dangerously close to the profile of a hoarder.

ANYWAY, I found some pictures that made me smile. Being cancerian, reminiscing is something that I do very well. My short attention span led me to go through CDs of old pictures one by one, reliving memories of times I’ve forgotten.

Viki and I at the 2003 COMPASS awards.

Kenn and I at a rest stop while we were on our way for a series of recording sessions in KL.

Jas Chua and I when I was going through my long hair goth girl phase.

Junmin and I when I was going through a Hip Hop phase.

And finally, a classic. Nate and I when we were hanging out a lot at serangoon gardens – happy daze days.

That’s all, for now. Our early encounters with digitizing memories. This month is all about living a digital life and digitizing memories along the way. I’ve been buried underneath a lot of planning, writing, playing, recording and book-keeping. Can’t wait to blog about it officially. SOON!! Gotta get back to making it perfect now.

BEE-TEE-DOUBLE-YEW… It’s my beautiful Godma’s (Janne Lianto) birthday today.

Happy Birthday Mama! I love you!