Pizza and beer in amber lights

Pizza and beer have mystical powers to them. It’s junk at its best. I was having an odd Wednesday – questions filled my head to the brim and I had no answers while emotions threatened to spill tears that will just smudge everything and leave me in an unrecognizable state. I needed distraction.

I read a bit of Coelho, ran errands, did some work, packed my desk and my room. Then I met my friend who was also having an emotionally challenging day, for dinner. We decided on pizza and beer.

The combination of junk food and beer is one that’s very close to my heart. It’s very comforting and brings on an amplified “bugger off, world!” attitude that was much needed for this day – Wednesday. By the end of the third giant bottle of beer, I’ve forgotten and almost gotten over that nasty feeling I was feeling. Almost.

Then she said, “There are good things in bad days. We should embrace bad days.” She’s right and I am glad to be reminded of the silver linings I should be looking out for.

little piece of heaven on a bad day - sunset