2012: New Year Resolutions

‘Cos it’s mandatory. Everyone’s doing it. #peerpressure So here they are. Dear 2012, I’m ready if you are. LET’S GO!!

1) Make more music and release full studio album (FINALLY!!)

2) Post more videos on YouTube of guitar covers.

3) Quit drinking beer. I’m at that age where the body is very unforgiving and it shows, where it matters the most – the tummy.

4) Smoke less. 5 sticks a day is apparently okay for the body to take but we are taking baby steps here, so I’m going for 10 sticks per day.

5) Bring bitchiness levels down to what’s equivalent of an average human being ‘cos the universe doesn’t need more negative energy to be put out there.

6) Take everything that comes to me with a heart of gratitude. Work myself to the bone (hopefully, literally).

7) No more processed food, carbonated drinks and *gasps* FRENCH FRIES.

8) Be closer to God. Read the Bible EVERY DAY. And practice what it preaches.

9) No more meaningless sex. I’ve already been there, done that in my twenties, got the tshirt and burnt it ala Magnolia Superhero. We’re moving on, people. Let’s embrace the 30’s which is all about prudence and chastity. :p

10) Keep new year resolutions.

light sticks for peace happiness and passion
2012: Peace•Happiness•Passion