Oh, happy day.

You know how sometimes you don’t realize that you’re waiting for a phone call until you receive it? That happened approximately 30minutes ago.

One of my favourite people (who enjoys hiding under her rock where she goes on skype to have video chats with me while I hide under my rock) is back on homeground and a commitment to hang and to go on chicken rice ball trip is in order.

The plan is to drive up to Malacca (my favourite town across the causeway), eat chicken rice balls, camwhore and possibly dig for treasures in cramped little antique shops ‘cos we’re gluttons, vainpots and old souls. The last time I went there, I ended up hauling back the vinyls that started my humble musty vinyl collection.

So, yay! We are finally going on the great escape we have talked about so much when we were separated by oceans. There was a time when the middle east was where our middle ground was. Now that we’re both in the same country, that makes escaping so much easier.

So it’s malacca for now… Till I land my feet on european soil so we can conquer the world together, while we hide under a rock.

Dear “Armour”, I am happy you’re back. I’ve missed you. <3

– excerpt of the song “Armour”, Iris Judotter.