Pinteresting Friday

My friend who introduced me to Harry Potter text based RPG, MySpace and Facebook bestowed me with a new online addiction – Pinterest – just before she flies away to NYC for a brand new life. A sushi lunch easily turned into a lazy coffee session with hours spent on pinning things we like on my iPad Pinterest app.

For some reason, my “eye candy” board is the one I’ve been most active pinning things on. Maybe it’s time I get that tattoo that reads “Lust” in Latin soon. Anyway, I am curious to see how long this addiction will last with my short attention span.

Here’s an example of an eye candy. :)

eye candy - Girls in white shirts. Gets me EVERY TIME.
Girls in white shirts. Gets me EVERY TIME.

On a different note, my other friend (the one who’s always the prettiest girl in ANY room) declared that she has decided to stay in Singapore for another year. Yay! #happiness
I would really hate it if either one of us leaves the country earlier than the other ‘cos she’s been the best person to drink, smoke, cook and have amazing conversations with.

NOW, I gotta go make some music so that my holiday next month can be justified.