“We want to give you a platform for your talent.”

I already have a YouTube account which allows me to perform in the comfort of my own home and still hit a pretty comfortable audience number. The only difference is, you won’t get a cent exploiting my talent; which you claim to admire but refuse to pay for. Bottomline: you’re a cheapskate.

Sure, there are many other people who are willing to sing for free ‘cos money is not as important as putting their music out there and they don’t care whether they get paid or not. Unfortunately, I do. I care about not spoiling the market, I care about not making people think it’s okay to bully musicians and not pay them ‘cos believe it or not, it’s a real service, it’s a real job.

I care that I will be able to buy my next pack of cigarettes, my next meal so I can write my music. Music is not really free. So don’t take food and cigarettes out of my mouth, and say you’re helping me by “giving me a platform”. With piracy and easy digital downloads on various sites, the least you can do is pay the musician who’s singing live.

In other (happier) news, I’m dropping an EP digitally!! It’s getting closer!!!!
Go to my facebook page to check out the teaser track. :)