judotter 2.0

“Something like, falling, without landing in pain.
Something like, loving, without loving in vain.
Something like, living, without regrets in any way.
Something like, falling…”

One of the earliest tracks written at the beginning of this on and off 4 year process of making the second album, “Something Like…” remains to be one of my favourite tracks. It is probably the only song that I’ve ever written that projects undisguised optimism not only in its upbeat tempo but there’s also an unmistakable sense of happiness in the words, laced with a slight skepticism that makes it such an honest song.

What started out as a channel to pen down questions and a description on that inability to fully express what we truly feel so analogies are made up in the process to paint a better picture, became a song that I’m always proud to share at live performances whether acoustic or accompanied with arranged music. Interestingly enough, it also fully describes the journey that I’ve taken from four years ago up to the almost completion of the album today.

The premise of this album, as old-fashioned as it is, is honesty. A friend challenged me to write songs that are honest, songs that cut really close to the bone and then, “Something Like…” was born. It led to a string of songs that rode on the same intention. The ones that I really like made it to this album and it took me a while but eventually I saw and heard what I want take shape in the final selection of songs.

The intention to release the album was met with several interruptions over the years but there was only one underlying reason that really stopped me from releasing – the fear of it not being as close to the level of perfection as I want it to be at. This four year sporadic effort that consisted an enormous amount of tweaking, editing, recording, re-recording, mixing, writing and re-writing made me realize that it’s time to come to terms with the fact that the album can’t be more ready than it already is now. While I’m wallowing in my insecure artist bullshit, I know that there are people waiting to hear it.

Call it new school Judotter or Iris Judotter 2.0 if you like but this album documents new experiences and emotions while drawing on memories which has always been an important element in my work. My best friend said something that truly propelled me to complete it, “People don’t know how your music has evolved if you don’t let them hear it.”

While I still don’t think the album is a full representation of the evolution that has taken place since the last record, it’ll do for now and I’m truly, truly excited about it. The adrenalin has kicked in; the high from music making has always been an unparalleled sensation.


See you in November 2011.
xoxo, Judotter