*rolls eyes* oh, singapore.

I can’t remember the last time I bought a copy of the New Paper but I spent 70cents today for a copy simply ‘cos the headlines read,
“Is Singapore ready for a gay MP?”


There was a time, when people said that touch screen phones won’t make it, but it did. Sure it was controversial at that point to imagine dialling without the help of visible, contoured buttons we’ve been used to since the invention of cell phones but didn’t we get over that, got swept off our feet when we discovered the wonders of apps that came with it? Touch screen phones aren’t just pretty to look at under the light and went with most outfits and shoes (and the cute little covers we switch for most outfits and shoes), they were actually useful and became a necessary convenience most of us now can’t live without. Hell, even Nokia has joined the bandwagon with their touch screen phones and app stores ‘cos it is a new era; the time for change.

Dear Singapore, it’s time to give up your green coloured screens with dot-matrix characters for new colours. The fabric of this nation needs it. It IS 2011.

I’ve always been a non-political lesbian ‘cos A) I can’t be bothered to remember all the chinese dialect names or occasional *gender confusing names of politicians who incidentally are surprisingly offensive when it comes to gender issues. And B) It’s just a little tacky in my opinion to talk about politics or religion in public.

So, while I am not a political lesbian, I AM lesbian and lesbians get angry when people mess with their comfort zones by saying irresponsibly ignorant bullshit like “I just don’t think a gay MP is sound enough to represent us.” PUI!

You know what I think? I don’t think narrow-minded, tunnel-visioned, uncompassionate, tactless and socially unaware pricks who think that Singapore isn’t ready for a gay MP is sound enough to represent us. We could get all medieval on this or just know that the world (specifically Singapore) needs to change, for the better. Homophobia is so passé, I could barf.


Shouldn’t it simply boil down to what it is you want to see when you wake up in the mornings (or afternoons, like I do), when you look out your windows while you brush your teeth (and then smoke, like I do)?

What I need from this country that is home, truly, (Gawd, I love Kit Chan) is for it to be a safe and free place to live in while I make music and smoke in designated smoking areas with my girlfriend/”best friend”/partner/roommate or whatever politically correct term she should be known as.

That’s all.

the singaporean lesbian singer.

*P.S, I do apologize for the gender confusing name bit. It IS a low blow. But you know what they say, sometimes you need to stoop to their level just so they’ll see exactly how stupid they have been. *giggles*