Pure Happiness

Happiness from within is the most tangible kind. It is pure and cannot be tainted by darkness or by thoughts that come from a place no mind should go. It fills up your heart to the brim and keeps your feet planted firmly to the ground. One week into the new year and I’m basking in the goodness of positive energy that translates into a kind of bliss that no chemicals have ever been able to give me.

There is no need to attack or defend anything ‘cos I feel safe in this positivity that’s building up every day. Everything in my life is starting to fall into place, now that I am leaving no room for anything that isn’t for me. No bitching, no alcohol and no drugs – no negativity.

I don’t feel the need to drink even when I’m behind the bar all day, before I go home to write/record/mix my music, sleep for several hours and then wake up to do the paperwork for the day until the cycle begins again behind the bar. 2012 is all about going to the beginning and finding my roots to feel the rebirth of good energy in order to find focus in my music and life in general. I am following closely to the theme of a personal year 1.

There are still bits of personal year 9 in me and I know there are things that I need to get rid of so that I can completely embrace what the new year has in store for me and move on. Nothing zaps my energy the way negativity does and it has been proven just last night.

The world needs to be a better place and it starts from within.

What fuels you?