just. be nice.

My ex gf spoilt my morning. The same morning I woke up to the excitement of my bestie coming to Beijing after everything has pretty fallen in place and I’m happy with the world. So I guess it’s true that good things and bad things run in parallel. She reminded me why I hate being put in a box. Without boundaries, we’re all animals but a tiger in a cage, can never see the sun”. Don’t you want me to be happy, honey? Pffftt. This musician needs to run wild in order to create. Shuffling feet to the beat of sporadic passion for life and this morning, that beat ran dangerously low; rhythm to a very dark tune.

Don’t be my anti-Prozac ‘cos you know I love you so.
Be nice. It doesn’t take a lot.
Stop picking on me ‘cos you know that’s why we fell apart.

So while we’re trying to be friends, don’t remind me why we’re a bad fit. Show me pretty colours, not the greys I manage to churn out very well on my own.
BE NICE. That’s all I ask.

miffy pretty coloursmiffy in grey