Go, uninterrupted

It’s always been a mantra of mine to try to be as honest as I possibly can or as much as my pride allows me to. This is me trying to be honest.

Dear you,

You are blown away by the theatrics of it; the drama that unfolded on the silver screen, embraced every glitzy glamourized detail and are convinced that the reality of it parallels with what Hollywood and popular culture has packaged it to be. In the span of those two hours, you related to everything the protagonist went through and instantly became her new best friend and vowed to do the same for a friend who might be going through the same thing. Unlike a film with ticket stubs for you to redeem discounted popcorn and soda from the concession stand, you can’t walk out of that after two hours. Especially when all you want is for your life, as you know it, to remain uninterrupted.

THIS, is real. It’s gritty, dirty and unbearably grim. Some people actually do live in war-ridden heads and here’s the surprising bit, it wasn’t by choice. If you’re not willing to get your hands dirty, get into that uncomfortable zone called reality, go on, stay in the darkness of the cinema for as long as you like, so you can go on pretending that the fictionalized drama on screen is what reality entails.

Just do not, ever, promise to be there when someone looks to you in the hope of making good that grand promise you’ve made ‘cos truth is, you can’t handle it. The resentment on both parties will result in a rapid and painful death of what could have been a long lasting friend-rela-whatever-you-wanna-call-it-ship that was filled with trust and support. It’s not your fault as explained by another friend that most people are not equipped with the capacity to handle such delicate matters with much needed tact. One calls for chicken, the other, for egg. No one wins. But understand, it’s not a competition.

So stay in your war-free zone, it’s okay if you don’t become a hero in this life time even if you swear you’ve got the perfect outfit and the perfect lines to go with it. Just know, the gun has always been loaded and it takes one pivotal second to pull the trigger and it’s okay if you can’t interrupt that act, just don’t promise to.