An open love letter to Going Om.

Can I just say that greed is the most unattractive quality in people? I really hope the lovely place that I call ‘Home’ will be able to conquer all the obstacles of being a “small player“. Going Om is a small player because Going Om has a simple mission – to have a place for people to hide away from the real world for the time that they’re there. Going Om is the place where people learn to love each other regardless of race, language, or religion. Sound familiar? First, the shisha ban, which took away a large chunk of its income then there’s the ridiculous restriction of live music and outdoor seating for the bar. See, Going Om is not interested in being a money making machine. And anyone who has been there will see that the beauty in Going Om is the way it makes everyone feel special and always be able to make every one feel like they belong.

I was brought up to believe that everyone and every place has a price tag and people are quantifiable by money.


Well… Going Om taught me to share – I never knew how to share. Ask my sisters, they can attest to that. It taught me to love people regardless of how much money they have in their bank account. Money is only paper and ink unless we know how to use it. Words are only words unless they inspire people to be better. And music, music is only noise unless it connects people. Going Om does all these things seamlessly and through it, taught me lessons my Sunday school classes never taught me simply ‘cos Going Om lives this. Whatever the problem, big or small, love is the only thing that matters.

We can survive anything ‘cos we got love. Love conquers all and Going Om is where love is, where my heart is.

Going Om is my home.